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Booking Terms & Conditions

Any booking made is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Onward Connections

Any booking (pick-up within the Borough of Ipswich) where the destination is a bus station, train station or other transportation connection (within the Borough of Ipswich) requires an minimum of 60 minutes from your connection departing time. Pick-ups or Destinations outside the Borough of Ipswich will require additional allowance time. We must be made aware of the connection departure time when you place your booking.


Any booking (pick-up within the Borough of Ipswich) where the destination is a doctors, Hospital, dentist, or any other type of appointment (within the Borough of Ipswich) requires an minimum of 60 minutes from your appointment time. Pick-ups or Destinations outside the Borough of Ipswich will require additional allowance time. We must be made aware of your appointment time when your booking is placed.


Unless a specificity requested vehicle is required, normally the closest vehicle to the pick-up address is sent out. If you have a special requirement for a type of vehicle sent i.e. (abnormal sized luggage or a wheelchair accessible vehicle) please inform us when you place your booking.

Number of Passengers

Any person is counted as a passenger, this includes babies and small children. If there are 4 adults and 1 baby there are 5 passengers in total requiring a multi seater vehicle. We are unable to transport 5 passengers (4 adults and 1 baby) in a vehicle licensed to carry 4 passengers.

Card Payments

All card payments are subjected to a 5% administration fee. Cancelled bookings are subjected to a 5% cancellation fee (minimum charge of £5) with a minimum cancellation time of 60 minutes before the vehicle is dispatched (24 hours for all airport bookings).

Transportation of Minors

No buggy, pushchair or similar containing a child may be transported inside any vehicle. Any child has to be removed and the buggy / pushchair folded away before the vehicle is allowed to move.

For more information regarding children and seat belt regulations please see the DFT website.

Multi Seater Vehicles

We will endeavour to provide you with your requested vehicle. However due to circumstances out of our control it may not be possible to send you the vehicle you requested. On those rare accessions we will send you the appropriate vehicles for the number of passengers.


All luggage must be conveyed in the luggage compartment on the vehicle. No luggage other than handbags, day packs etc are allowed in with the passengers.

Capped Fares

For a journey to comply for a capped fare price it must:-

  • Be subject to one collection point and one destination with no stops or deviations on route.
  • Any waiting time at the start of the journey (greater than the first free 5 minutes), will be charged in addition to the capped fare.
  • Capped fares only apply to journeys that start and finish inside the Borough of Ipswich Boundary, (excluding Ravenswood & Ransomes Ind Est).
  • Specially requested vehicles, (i.e. minibuses, estate cars, executive vehicles, etc.) are not included in the capped fares.
  • All capped fares are subject to night-time surcharge.
  • Capped Fares are not charged during any time period that a 50% surcharge is active on all vehicle types, (Christmas & New Year).

Airport Booking Conditions

Acceptance of an Airport Booking is made subject to the following:

  • No responsibility will be accepted for bookings made less than 48 hours from collection time
  • A generous allowance is made for journey times to and from airports (see airport details). However, we cannot be held responsible for late or non-arrival if these times are not adhered to at your request, neither can we accept responsibility for unavoidable delays encountered en-route such as accidents and diversions.
  • Payment for outward journeys (Ipswich to airport) should be made either in advance to our office or direct to the driver at the commencement of the outward journey.
  • Payment for inward journeys (airport to Ipswich) MUST be made in advance to either our office prior to the journey, or to the driver at the commencement of the OUTWARD journey.
  • Wherever possible it is our policy to send the same driver to meet you for the inward journey that conveyed you to the airport. This allows you to look for a familiar face on arrival at the airport, and enable our driver to also recognise you. Our drivers will meet you in the arrivals area as you exit customs holding a card with your name and destination on, otherwise advised.
  • In the unlikely event that you do not make contact with our driver at the airport please make your way to the airport's Information Desk and check for any messages. If there are no messages and you have still not made contact with the driver please telephone our office immediately on Ipswich (01473) 222222. Our office is manned 24 hours every day including holidays.
  • For airport collections, we reserve the right to charge additional waiting time 60 minutes from the agreed collection time if our driver has been unable to locate you at the advised meeting point. However, we will endeavour to check with the airport / airline for confirmation of your arrival time prior to leaving Ipswich and adjust the collection time accordingly.
  • As we can not account for unforeseen circumstances refunds can not be given unless our driver is late by over 1 hour.